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Grampa's Birdie Cakes

2 cups each of cornmeal, oatmeal (uncooked), flour, wheat germ, raisins, skim or dry milk

cup of unsalted fat

cup bread crumbs

Add raisins to flour, then mix all ingredients to consistency of thick batter. Bake at 350 in large greased & floured cake pan for approximately 1 hour. When cooled, break into large pieces, place in mesh bags and hang from trees.

Tip: Your grocer has suet in the meat department. Tell 'em what you want it for and it should cost little to nothing! Beef suet (hard, white, dry beef fat) contains protein and fats and is excellent for supplying birds with quick energy. Birds love to feed it to their growing babies.

Cheep Chirp Cupcakes

1 lb of suet 1 cup cornmeal
1 cup wild bird seed 1 cup sunflower or safflower seed
1cup chunky peanut butter 1 cup rolled oats

Melt suet on low flame. Add ingredients and mix well. Pour into paper cupcake holders in cupcake pans. Chill until hard, remove paper and put in suet basket.

Penny-Pinchers Pine Cone Feeder

Combine beef suet, peanut butter, bacon fat, cornmeal and wild bird seed. Pour into pine cone crevices and cover pine cones. Hang cones in trees.

Patty Cakes

Combine suet, peanut butter, cornmeal, wild bird seed, raisins, cracked corn, chopped apples, nuts, cereal, and wheat germ in small pans to shape. When you put these out, watch the birds dance for joy!

Don't waste your money on red millet, milo and wheat - birds don't like them and won't eat them. They don't care for broken white rice, buckwheat, hulled whole oats (oat groats) either.

Your kitchen can provide many nutricious treats for wild birds and you might be surprised at the beautiful varieties that show up in your yard when providing these foods.
suet peanut butter cornmeal cracked corn
bacon fat raisins apples oranges
pears bananas cranberries berries
almonds walnuts peanuts pecans
pumpkin seeds melon seeds sunflower seeds hickory nuts
safflower seed niger (thistle) seed rolled oats canary seed

Cracked yellow corn is a low cost choice, but not in hot weather.

To encourage cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, and finches and to discourage blackbirds and other undesireables from your feeders, hang feeders with pure safflower, pure niger (thistle), and year-round suet cakes. Oh, and don't forget to keep fresh sugar water (1part sugar to 3 or 4parts water) in your hummingbird feeders during summer months).



Don't overlook providing fresh water year-round for your backyard birds.


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